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Escape rooms are gaining popularity all over the county as well as worldwide. It is not surprising because it is a great way to spend time together with family or friends, and an awesome activity at parties or on dates. But the thing is today, the entertainment market is saturated with various quest rooms. You can find dozens of offers in every more or less big city. So how can you choose the best one?

What Types of Escape Rooms there are?

Like many other activities, quest rooms are divided into different types. There are:

• Linear escape rooms

• Non-linear quest rooms

• Mixed ones

• Scavenger hunt escape rooms

In linear escape rooms, players need to solve puzzles in a certain order and can't move from one room into another without solving all of them in a chamber. This kind is suitable for beginners and small teams.

In non-linear ones, players, on the contrary, should split up to find clues simultaneously and to gain time. This kind is better for larger groups and advanced players.

Mixed quest rooms are supposed to combine the previous two types and are suitable for any team sizes.

Scavenger hunt escape rooms imply finding specific artefacts and often require no strategy at all. There are usually no puzzles, and that's why many people find these quests annoying. Though, they are perfect for children and teenagers because they are quite simple.

How to Choose and Book a Perfect Escape game?

As mentioned above, today there are dozens of offers on quest rooms in big cities, and companies that focus on them, such as Hollywood escape house in LA. And since there are too many of them, you need to work out what makes a difference between a fantastic quest room and poor ones. Basically, there are the requirements which will help you in this matter.

Amusing Puzzles

Puzzles is a crucial element of quest games as they encourage teamwork. They shouldn't be too tricky and severely slow down the game process, but at the same time, they shouldn't bee too easy as well. In most successful quests, puzzles are clever and original that makes a game entertaining.

Enthusiastic Game Master

A game master is a person who tells the rules of a game and a background of a quest. Once you've started playing, a game master follows your steps and might give some clues along the way. If something of these goes wrong, it is likely to spoil the experience.

Immersive Experience

When you're planning to take a quest at an escape room, you definitely want to enjoy every moment and feel like you are in the other place or even the different world. That is why immersion is very important. It is about a storyline, game master's skills, decorations and atmosphere. All of these things during escape game should make you feel like it is real life.

Everyone Should Be Involved

You'd probably be disappointed if you had paid for a game and hadn't done anything during it, right? That's why there should be required teamwork in a quest to keep everybody entertained. If your team is quite big, it's better to choose non-linear quests, where players need to split up.

Hopefully, these hints and tips will help you to find the most suitable escape room everywhere, whether it'd be in Fort Lauderdale, FL or any other corner of our planet.

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